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Forex Fiv EA v9.3 Review

ForexFiv EA v9.3 presents itself as a potential companion, leveraging automated precision and adaptability to enhance trading experiences in the ever-evolving forex landscape.
Forex Fiv EA v9.3 Review

Forex Fiv EA v9.3 Summary

In the expansive realm of forex trading, traders continually seek tools and strategies that can provide efficiency, precision, and adaptability to the ever-changing market conditions. ForexFiv EA v9.3 emerges as a contender in this space, offering an automated trading solution equipped with market scanning capabilities and unique algorithms. In this comprehensive review, we will delve deeper into the intricacies of ForexFiv EA v9.3, exploring its trading strategy, features, MT4 settings, and considerations for traders looking to incorporate it into their trading portfolio.

ForexFiv EA v9.3 Strategy: Unraveling the Automated Approach

At the heart of ForexFiv EA v9.3 lies a trading strategy that combines automated market scanning and unique algorithms. According to the developer, the system underwent an extensive monitoring period of over six months to address any issues and enhance user-friendliness, particularly for beginners. It’s essential to highlight that the EA’s money management system steers clear of aggressive trading strategies like grid, hedging, or martingale, prioritizing prudent risk management.

Trading with Pending Orders: Anticipating Market Movements

ForexFiv EA v9.3 adopts a strategy centered around trading pending orders. This approach suggests that the robot strategically places these orders from specific levels, which could include support or resistance levels or the borders of a trading channel. Trading with pending orders allows the EA to anticipate market movements and enter positions at opportune moments.

Currency Pair and Timeframe Flexibility: Adapting to Market Dynamics

The versatility of ForexFiv EA v9.3 is evident in its ability to trade any forex pair on any MT4 timeframe. While this flexibility exists, the developer recommends focusing on major currency pairs such as GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, and USDJPY. This strategic recommendation aims to minimize the risk of false or weak signals, often associated with less liquid or more volatile pairs.

Integrated Market Scanner: Assessing Trading Conditions Dynamically

The EA incorporates a built-in market scanner as part of its toolkit. This feature is designed to assess trading conditions, providing valuable insights for decision-making dynamically. The integration of a market scanner aligns with the EA’s goal of precision and adaptability to the ever-changing forex landscape.

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CTimer and ForexFiv Price Meter: Enhancing Analysis Capabilities

ForexFiv EA v9.3 employs CTimer in conjunction with ForexFiv Price Meter to evaluate trading conditions comprehensively. These indicators contribute to the analysis of market dynamics, aiding the EA in making informed trading decisions. The utilization of multiple tools for analysis reflects a holistic approach to strategy implementation.

Automatic Updates: Staying Relevant and Efficient

To ensure the EA remains at the forefront of technological advancements and performance enhancements, ForexFiv EA v9.3 offers automatic updates. Traders can benefit from continuous improvements and fixes provided by the developers, ensuring the EA’s ongoing relevance and effectiveness in varying market conditions.

ForexFiv EA v9.3 Features: A Robust Toolkit for Traders

ForexFiv EA v9.3 comes equipped with a range of features designed to enhance the trading experience. Let’s delve into the key features that define the functionality of this trading robot.

1. Automatic Determination of Entry Levels: Streamlining Trading Execution

The EA possesses the ability to determine potential market entry levels automatically. This feature streamlines the trading execution process, allowing the robot to identify optimal entry points for pending orders based on its analysis of market conditions.

2. Compatibility with Major Currency Pairs: Focused Trading Approach

ForexFiv EA v9.3 is tailored to suit major forex currency pairs. The developer’s recommendation to focus on pairs like GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, and USDJPY underscores a strategic approach that aims to minimize exposure to risk associated with less liquid or more volatile pairs.

3. Compatibility with All MT4 Timeframes: Adapting to Individual Preferences

Traders using ForexFiv EA v9.3 can benefit from its compatibility with all MT4 timeframes. This flexibility allows users to adapt the EA’s trading strategy to their individual preferences and time constraints.

4. Built-in Market Scanner: Dynamic Assessment of Trading Conditions

The inclusion of a built-in market scanner is a noteworthy feature, providing the EA with the capability to assess trading conditions dynamically. This tool contributes to a nuanced understanding of the market, aiding the EA in making well-informed trading decisions.

5. Automatic Updates: Continuous Improvement and Relevance

ForexFiv EA v9.3 stands out by offering automatic updates. This feature ensures that the EA remains current with the latest upgrades and fixes provided by the developers. Traders can benefit from ongoing improvements, contributing to the EA’s longevity and adaptability.

6. CTimer and ForexFiv Price Meter: Comprehensive Analysis Tools

The integration of CTimer and ForexFiv Price Meter enhances the EA’s analytical capabilities. These tools contribute to a comprehensive analysis of market dynamics, enabling the EA to navigate the complexities of forex trading with precision.

7. Restriction on Aggressive Trading Strategies: Prudent Risk Management

ForexFiv EA v9.3 distinguishes itself by adopting a money management system that refrains from aggressive trading strategies. The exclusion of grid, hedging, or martingale strategies reflects a commitment to prudent risk management practices.

8. Automatic Trade Alert System: Real-time Notifications

Traders using ForexFiv EA v9.3 can benefit from an automatic trade alert system with push notifications. This real-time feature ensures that users are promptly informed of relevant developments, allowing for timely responses to market conditions.

ForexFiv EA v9.3 MT4 Settings: Tailoring the EA to Individual Preferences

ForexFiv EA v9.3 offers a range of settings within the MetaTrader 4 platform, providing traders with the ability to tailor the EA to their individual preferences. Let’s explore some of the key settings available for customization.

1. Password: Securing Authorized Access

The password setting allows traders to set a password, ensuring authorized access to the EA. This security feature adds an additional layer of protection to the EA’s settings.

2. Use Online Indicator: Integrating External Indicators

Traders can opt to allow the EA to use external indicators alongside built-in MT4 tools. The Use Online Indicator setting provides flexibility in integrating additional indicators for enhanced analysis.

3. Use News Filter: Managing News Events

The Use News Filter feature enables or disables the news filter, allowing traders to manage the impact of news events on the EA’s trading activity. This customization caters to varying preferences regarding news event influence.

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4. Trading 24h: Defining Maximum Trading Hours

Traders can set the maximum trading hour for the EA each day using the Trading 24h setting. This feature allows users to define specific timeframes during which the EA is authorized to execute trades.

5. High/Low Impact: Adapting to News Event Intensity

The High/Low Impact setting empowers traders to select how the EA will operate during high and low-impact news events. This customization ensures adaptability to varying levels of news event intensity.

6. Use Time Stop: Setting Time Limits

The Use Time Stop setting allows traders to set the time when the EA will stop automatic trading. This feature provides control over the time duration during which the EA remains active.

7. Lot Type: Choosing Between Auto and Manual Lot Trading

Traders can choose between auto and manual lot trading using the Lot Type setting. This customization allows for flexibility in determining the lot size based on individual preferences.

8. Fixed Lot Size: Establishing Default Trading Lot Size

The Fixed Lot Size setting enables traders to set the default trading lot size. This feature simplifies the process of defining the lot size for each trade.

9. Auto Lot Size: Managing Maximum Trading Lot for Autolot Trading

The Auto Lot Size setting determines the maximum trading lot allowed for Autolot trading. This customization feature ensures control over the lot size based on risk management preferences.

10. Max Spread: Setting Maximum Spread Limit

Traders can define the maximum spread limit for considering an entry using the Max Spread setting. This feature allows for managing the impact of spread on trading decisions.

11. Magic Number: Unique Identification for the EA

The Magic Number setting assigns a unique identification number for the EA. This identifier contributes to tracking the EA’s trades for monitoring and analysis purposes.

12. Use Trailing Stop: Dynamic Stop-Loss Adjustment

The Use Trailing Stop setting enables or disables the trailing stop-loss feature. Traders can choose to utilize dynamic stop-loss adjustment for managing trades effectively.

Pros and Cons: Balancing Considerations for Traders

In evaluating ForexFiv EA v9.3, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons associated with this automated trading solution. The following considerations provide insights into the strengths and potential limitations of the EA.


  • Automated Precision: ForexFiv EA v9.3 leverages automated market scanning and unique algorithms, enhancing precision in trade execution.
  • Versatility: The EA is adaptable to different currency pairs and timeframes, offering flexibility for traders with diverse preferences.
  • Market Scanner: The inclusion of a built-in market scanner contributes to dynamic assessments of trading conditions, aiding informed decision-making.
  • Automatic Updates: Traders benefit from continuous improvements through automatic updates, ensuring the EA remains current and effective.
  • CTimer and ForexFiv Price Meter: The integration of these tools enhances the EA’s analytical capabilities, contributing to a comprehensive market analysis.


  • Limited Backtesting Information: The website does not provide extensive backtesting information, limiting insights into the historical performance of ForexFiv EA v9.3.
  • Exclusivity to MT4: The EA is exclusively available on the MetaTrader 4 platform, potentially limiting accessibility for traders using alternative platforms.
  • Dependency on Market Conditions: The effectiveness of ForexFiv EA v9.3 may be influenced by prevailing market conditions, requiring ongoing assessment and adjustments.


In navigating the complexities of forex markets, ForexFiv EA v9.3 stands ready to offer a systematic and automated approach. Thorough testing on a demo account is recommended to assess the EA’s performance under various market conditions. Responsible usage, aligned with prudent risk management principles, is essential to navigate the inherent uncertainties of trading.

As traders embark on their forex journeys, ForexFiv EA v9.3 presents itself as a potential companion, leveraging automated precision and adaptability to enhance trading experiences in the ever-evolving forex landscape.

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