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Professional EA Review

Professional EA emerges as a sophisticated tool, integrating advanced strategies and risk management features. Its focus on scalping, supported by MACD and support-resistance dynamics, offers a nuanced approach to navigating the market's complexities.
Professional EA Review

Professional EA Summary

In the realm of forex trading, automation has become a prevailing force, and the Professional EA stands as a testament to this technological evolution. This software program is meticulously crafted to navigate the complexities of the market, employing a scalping strategy rooted in MACD and support-resistance levels. This review delves into the strategy, features, pros, and cons of the Professional EA, shedding light on its unique attributes and functionalities.

Professional EA

Strategy Unveiled: MACD and Support-Resistance Dynamics

At the heart of the Professional EA’s trading prowess lies a scalping strategy intricately woven with MACD and support-resistance dynamics. Scalping, known for its pursuit of short-term market gains, is complemented by the MACD indicator’s ability to identify potential trend shifts. The inclusion of support-resistance levels adds a layer of sophistication, creating a strategy that aims to capitalize on quick market movements while leveraging key price levels.

Features Setting Professional EA Apart

The Professional EA distinguishes itself in the competitive landscape through a set of unique features designed to enhance trading precision and risk management. One standout attribute is the hidden managed stop loss (SL) and smart auto-take profit (TP) system. 

This feature empowers traders to safeguard their positions from sudden market fluctuations while maximizing profits during favorable price movements. Notably, the absence of martingale options positions the Professional EA as a more conservative tool, appealing to traders with a risk-averse approach.

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Equity protection is another feather in the EA’s cap, offering a shield against excessive losses. This feature aligns with sound risk management principles, emphasizing the importance of preserving capital in the volatile forex market. Furthermore, the trend-following system embedded within the EA allows traders to ride the waves of market trends, identifying and capitalizing on potentially lucrative opportunities.

The inclusion of a hedge and auto-trail stop loss (S/L) system adds another layer of risk mitigation. This dynamic feature seeks to minimize potential downsides by automatically adjusting the stop-loss level, locking in profits as the trade progresses. 

Additionally, the Professional EA boasts a news filter protection mechanism, automatically deactivating trading 25 minutes before high-volatility news events and resuming after. This foresighted approach shields traders from unexpected market turbulence triggered by major news releases.

Navigating the Professional EA: Understanding Settings

To harness the power of the Professional EA, traders can navigate through a set of customizable settings tailored to individual preferences. The magic number, serving as a unique identifier for each chart, allows multiple instances of the EA to run seamlessly on the same account. Lot size, representing the amount of currency traded per transaction, provides flexibility to accommodate varied risk tolerances.

Stop loss and take profit settings empower traders to define their risk-reward parameters, establishing predefined levels for acceptable losses and desired profits. The equity protection setting adds an additional layer of risk management, enabling traders to specify the maximum allowable percentage of account equity that can be lost before halting trading activities.

The hedge and auto-trail stop loss (S/L) system, a hallmark feature, automatically adjusts the trailing stop-loss level, contributing to profit protection. Lastly, the news filter protection feature, with its intuitive disablement during high-volatility news events, adds a layer of security, preventing unexpected price movements during periods of market uncertainty.

Pros and Cons: Navigating the Nuances


1. Strategy Precision

The fusion of MACD and support-resistance dynamics empowers the EA with a strategic edge for market entries and exits. This precision enhances the likelihood of making well-timed and informed trading decisions, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the Professional EA.

2. Hidden SL and Auto-TP System

The inclusion of a hidden stop-loss (SL) and auto-take profit (TP) system equips traders with robust risk management tools. By offering a layer of protection against sudden market fluctuations and automating profit-taking, this feature provides a balanced approach to trade management, fostering effective risk-reward ratios.

3. Equity Protection

The commitment to equity protection underscores the EA’s dedication to sound risk management practices. By limiting potential losses and preserving trading capital, the equity protection feature enhances the overall safety and sustainability of the trading strategy employed by the Professional EA.

4. Trend-Following System

The incorporation of a trend-following system adds a dynamic dimension to the EA’s capabilities. By identifying and capitalizing on market trends, the EA aims to ride the momentum of price movements, potentially leading to profitable trades during sustained market trends.

5. Hedge and Auto-Trail S/L System

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The presence of a hedge and auto-trail stop-loss (S/L) system introduces a dynamic risk mitigation mechanism. This feature adapts to market conditions, automatically adjusting the trailing stop-loss level to lock in profits and minimize potential downsides. It adds flexibility and responsiveness to changing market dynamics.


1. Dependency on Strategy

The EA’s effectiveness is inherently tied to its scalping strategy, relying on quick, short-term market movements. While effective in certain market conditions, this dependency may limit the EA’s adaptability during phases where scalping strategies might be less favorable. Traders need to be mindful of the strategy’s suitability for prevailing market conditions.

2. Customization Complexity

Novice traders might encounter challenges navigating the extensive customization options offered by the Professional EA. The wealth of settings and parameters may initially overwhelm users who are new to automated trading. A learning curve is involved in fully understanding and optimizing these customization features for individual preferences.

3. Market Dependency

Like any automated trading system, the Professional EA’s performance is subject to market conditions. The EA’s efficacy relies on a balance of volatility and liquidity, and sudden market shifts or unexpected events can impact its performance. Continuous monitoring is essential to ensure the EA’s strategic alignment with prevailing market dynamics. Traders need to stay vigilant and responsive to changing conditions to optimize the EA’s performance.


In the ever-evolving landscape of forex trading, the Professional EA emerges as a sophisticated tool, integrating advanced strategies and risk management features. Its focus on scalping, supported by MACD and support-resistance dynamics, offers a nuanced approach to navigating the market’s complexities. Traders can leverage its unique features, from hidden SL and auto-TP to equity protection and trend-following systems, to tailor their trading experience.

While the EA brings forth a host of benefits, it’s crucial for users to recognize its dependency on specific market conditions and the need for continuous monitoring. The customization options, though powerful, may pose a learning curve for those new to automated trading. In the end, the Professional EA stands as a versatile companion for traders seeking a sophisticated automated solution within the MetaTrader 4 platform.

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