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Profit Maker V3 EA Review

Profit Maker V3 EA emerges as a sophisticated navigator, leveraging a proprietary algorithm to execute trades autonomously. Its focus on risk management, customizable settings, and compatibility with the widely used MT4 platform contribute to its appeal. 
Profit Maker V3 EA Review

Profit Maker V3 EA Summary

In the ever-evolving landscape of forex trading, automated solutions continue to captivate traders seeking efficiency and precision. The Profit Maker V3 EA stands as a prominent contender in this realm, promising a fully automated trading experience on the widely used MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. 

This review delves into the key aspects of Profit Maker V3 EA, exploring its strategy, features, settings, and the nuanced pros and cons that traders should consider.

Profit Maker V3 EA

Profit Maker V3 EA Strategy: Unlocking the Algorithmic Approach

The Profit Maker V3 EA adopts a fully automated trading strategy, strategically targeting the EURUSD currency pair within the 30-Minute timeframe. Its foundation rests on a proprietary algorithm grounded in triangular moving average (TMA) parameters. 

This algorithm is meticulously designed to analyze market conditions and discern opportune entry points. The system’s autonomy is a notable strength, eliminating the need for continuous manual input from traders. Notably, the EA employs a trailing profit mechanism, enhancing risk management by safeguarding against potential losses.

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Features: Unveiling the Toolkit

1. Fully Automated Trading System: A Hands-Free Trading Experience

The cornerstone of Profit Maker V3 EA’s appeal lies in its commitment to offering traders a fully automated trading experience. This means that traders, irrespective of their experience levels, can engage in forex markets without the need for constant manual oversight. 

This hands-free approach enhances accessibility, enabling users to explore the complexities of forex trading effortlessly. The EA takes on the responsibilities of market analysis, trade execution, and risk management, providing a seamless and convenient solution for those seeking automation.

2. Triangular Moving Average (TMA) Parameters: Precision in Algorithmic Trading

The utilization of Triangular Moving Average (TMA) parameters is a testament to the EA’s dedication to a sophisticated and precise algorithmic approach. TMAs are a type of moving average that smoothens price data, reducing noise and highlighting trends. 

By incorporating TMA parameters into its strategy, Profit Maker V3 EA aims to navigate market dynamics with a higher degree of accuracy. This feature enhances the EA’s ability to identify optimal entry and exit points, contributing to its overall effectiveness in executing trades.

3. Customizable Schedule: Flexibility Tailored to Traders’ Preferences

Recognizing the diverse preferences and schedules of traders, Profit Maker V3 EA introduces a customizable schedule feature. Traders have the flexibility to tailor the EA’s trading activity to specific times of the day or week. 

This customization adds a layer of adaptability, allowing users to align the EA’s operation with their individual preferences and the unique conditions of the forex market during different timeframes. Whether a trader prefers specific trading sessions or aims to avoid certain market conditions, the customizable schedule feature empowers them to shape the EA’s behavior accordingly.

4. Risk Management Focus: Conservative and Aware Approach

In a landscape where risk management is paramount, Profit Maker V3 EA distinguishes itself by adopting a conservative and risk-aware approach. The EA explicitly distances itself from high-risk trading strategies such as martingale or grid trading. Instead, it prioritizes preserving trading capital and minimizing potential losses. 

The inclusion of a trailing profit mechanism further underscores its commitment to risk management, allowing traders to protect gains while participating in the market’s dynamics.

5. Compatibility and Optimization: Seamlessly Integrated for Efficiency

Profit Maker V3 EA seamlessly integrates with the MetaTrader 4 platform, a widely used and trusted environment for forex trading. This compatibility ensures that users can leverage the EA’s capabilities within a familiar and robust trading platform. 

However, it’s crucial to note that the EA is optimized exclusively for the EURUSD currency pair and the M30 time frame. While this optimization enhances its performance within the specified parameters, traders should be mindful of its exclusivity and consider its implications based on their trading preferences and portfolio diversification strategies.

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Settings: Navigating the Configuration Landscape

The Profit Maker V3 EA offers an array of settings, allowing users to fine-tune the system according to their preferences and risk tolerance. These settings include:

1. Magic Numbers: Unique Identifiers for Distinguishing Trades

Magic Numbers serve as unique identifiers for trades initiated by the EA. This feature is particularly valuable for traders utilizing multiple instances of the EA on the same account or those employing different EAs simultaneously. 

The distinct Magic Numbers help differentiate and track the performance of each trade, providing clarity and organization within the trading environment.

2. Lot Sizes: Determining Position Size

Lot Sizes are instrumental in defining the amount of currency involved in each trade. This setting enables traders to customize the size of their positions, aligning them with their risk appetite and overall portfolio management strategy. Adjusting Lot Sizes allows for flexibility in accommodating diverse risk preferences and trade sizes.

3. Mode of Calculation: Choosing TMA Calculation Method

The Mode of Calculation setting empowers users to specify the method used for Triangular Moving Average (TMA) calculations. 

Traders can choose between simple, exponential, or smoothed modes, influencing how the TMA interprets and responds to price data. This customization enhances the adaptability of the EA’s algorithmic approach, catering to varied trading preferences.

4. TMA Settings: Adjusting Triangular Moving Average Parameters

TMA Settings provide a granular level of control over the Triangular Moving Average (TMA) parameters. Traders can fine-tune crucial elements such as the period, shift, and type of TMA utilized by the EA. 

This level of customization allows users to refine the algorithm’s responsiveness to market conditions, optimizing its ability to identify trend patterns and potential entry points.

5. Max Number of Open Orders: Managing Simultaneous Positions

The Max Number of Open Orders setting dictates the maximum number of positions the EA can have open concurrently. This parameter introduces a layer of risk management by controlling the exposure to the market. Traders can set limits on simultaneous positions, preventing excessive exposure and aligning the EA’s behavior with their risk tolerance.

6. FixLot: Specifying Fixed Lot Size

FixLot enables traders to specify a fixed lot size for each trade, providing a straightforward approach to position sizing. This setting is particularly beneficial for those who prefer consistency in their trading approach, as it ensures a uniform lot size for every executed trade.

7. TakeProfit and StopLoss: Defining Target Profit and Loss Levels

TakeProfit and StopLoss settings empower traders to define specific levels for target profits and allowable losses. This feature contributes to comprehensive risk management, allowing users to set predefined profit and loss thresholds for each trade. By establishing clear profit and loss targets, traders can maintain discipline and precision in their trading strategy.

8. Start and Stop Times: Customizable Daily and Weekly Trading Schedules

Profit Maker V3 EA introduces customizable Start and Stop Times, enabling users to define the daily and weekly trading schedules of the EA. Traders can specify when the EA should commence and conclude trading activities each day, as well as set distinct start and stop times for the weekly schedule. 

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This flexibility accommodates diverse trading preferences, allowing users to align the EA’s operation with optimal market conditions or specific timeframes that suit their strategies.

Pros and Cons: Navigating the Trade-offs


1. Algorithmic Precision: The incorporation of TMA parameters positions the EA for strategic market entries and exits, reflecting a commitment to precision in algorithmic trading.

2. Autonomous Risk Management: The trailing profit approach and emphasis on equity protection showcase a robust risk management framework, enhancing the EA’s appeal to risk-conscious traders.

3. Accessible Automation: The EA’s ability to operate autonomously caters to traders with limited time or experience, offering a hassle-free entry into automated trading.

4. Versatile Customization: The customizable settings, including schedule adjustments and TMA parameters, provide traders with the flexibility to align the EA with their unique preferences.


1. Currency Pair Limitation: Optimization exclusively for the EURUSD pair may limit the applicability of the EA for traders who prefer diversification across different instruments.

2. Opaque Strategy: The proprietary nature of the trading strategy might pose a challenge for users seeking full transparency, as the inner workings of the algorithm remain undisclosed.

3. Demo Testing Imperative: Traders are advised to undergo thorough demo testing to gauge the EA’s performance under various market conditions, underscoring the importance of diligent risk assessment.


In the vast ocean of automated trading solutions, the Profit Maker V3 EA emerges as a sophisticated navigator, leveraging a proprietary algorithm to execute trades autonomously. Its focus on risk management, customizable settings, and compatibility with the widely used MT4 platform contribute to its appeal. 

However, potential users must tread cautiously, considering the EA’s limitations, currency pair exclusivity, and the imperative need for comprehensive testing before live deployment. As with any trading tool, diligent research, risk assessment, and an understanding of the system’s intricacies are paramount for traders considering the Profit Maker V3 EA.

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