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Prop Firm EA V2 Review

Prop Firm EA V2 stands as a compelling option for traders seeking an automated solution with a focus on identifying trend reversal signals. Its specialized approach, combining tops, bottoms, and a news filter, adds a layer of sophistication to its strategy.
Prop Firm EA V2 Review

Prop Firm EA V2 Summary

Prop Firm EA V2 emerges as a beacon in the realm of forex trading, specifically tailored for the MetaTrader 4 platform. This automated solution aims to simplify the trading journey by harnessing the power of trend reversal signals, seamlessly combining market tops, bottoms, and a robust news filter. 

In this review, we delve into the intricacies of Prop Firm EA V2, exploring its strategy, features, specifications, and the essential considerations that potential users should keep in mind.

Prop Firm EA V2

Strategy Unveiled

1. A Symphony of Trend Reversals

Prop Firm EA V2 distinguishes itself through a strategy centered around identifying trend reversal signals. This is achieved through a meticulous fusion of market tops and bottoms, complemented by the shrewd integration of a news filter. 

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By automating the process of scanning charts for these signals, the EA eliminates the need for traders to manually engage in technical analysis or hunt for reversal patterns. The goal is to provide users with a hassle-free trading experience, relying on the algorithm’s proficiency in spotting opportune moments for market entry and exit.

2. Minimizing Drawdown

One of the standout promises of Prop Firm EA V2 lies in its commitment to minimal drawdowns. Drawdowns, the peak-to-trough decline during a specific record period, can be a source of concern for traders seeking stability and risk mitigation. By implementing a strategy that prioritizes minimizing drawdowns, the EA aims to contribute to a smoother trading experience, fostering a sense of security among users.

3. Customization for Precision

Recognizing the diverse preferences and risk tolerances of traders, Prop Firm EA V2 provides the flexibility to modify key input parameters. From Magic numbers to lot sizes, maximum lot limits, risk settings, and more, users can experiment with these variables to align the EA with their individual trading goals. 

The option to adjust stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop parameters adds an additional layer of customization, empowering users to tailor the robot’s behavior according to their specific requirements.

Features Spotlight

1. Currency Prowess

Prop Firm EA V2 extends its trading prowess across 14 currency pairs, creating a diversified portfolio that includes major pairs like EUR/USD, USD/CHF, NZD/JPY, and GBP/USD. This breadth of coverage allows users to explore various markets, enhancing the potential for capturing profitable opportunities. 

Whether you are inclined towards major pairs or seek exposure to specific currency combinations, the EA accommodates a spectrum of trading preferences.

2. Temporal Flexibility

A remarkable feature of Prop Firm EA V2 is its compatibility with all time frames. Whether you are a short-term day trader or a long-term trend follower, the EA caters to diverse trading styles. 

This temporal flexibility aligns with the varied approaches traders adopt, allowing for seamless integration into different time-based strategies. Users have the liberty to experiment with different time frames, optimizing their trading experience based on individual preferences.

3. Playground of Learning: Demo Accounts

Prop Firm EA V2 invites users to embark on a learning journey by offering compatibility with demo accounts. This functionality serves as a sandbox for users to test the EA’s performance, familiarize themselves with its nuances, and gain insights into its behavior under simulated market conditions. 

The emphasis on utilizing a demo account before transitioning to a live environment underscores a commitment to responsible and informed trading practices.

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4. Real-World Application

While the EA facilitates learning through demo accounts, its real strength lies in its applicability to real trading scenarios. Whether you are a novice trader looking to automate your strategies or an experienced professional seeking efficiency, Prop Firm EA V2 extends its functionality to real accounts. The transition from simulated trading to live markets allows users to witness the EA’s performance in actual market conditions, providing valuable insights for decision-making.

5. MT4: The Command Center

Prop Firm EA V2 operates exclusively on the MetaTrader 4 platform, a widely recognized and utilized environment in the forex trading landscape. Leveraging the capabilities of MT4, the EA ensures compatibility with a platform that users are likely familiar with, creating a seamless and intuitive experience. 

The Meta Trader 4 interface serves as the command center, where users can access the EA’s features, monitor trading activity, and navigate the various parameters with ease.

Customization at Your Fingertips

The heart of Prop Firm EA V2 lies in its ability to adapt to individual user preferences. The EA’s “Inputs” tab opens the door to a realm of configurable parameters, allowing users to fine-tune the system according to their unique requirements. Let’s explore some of these key settings:

1. Magic Number: A unique identifier for distinguishing trades. This feature becomes invaluable for users managing multiple instances of the EA or different EAs on the same account.

2. Lots: Determines the size of each position in the market. Users have the flexibility to adjust lot sizes based on their risk appetite and overall trading strategy.

3. Maximum Lot: Places a cap on the maximum lot size the EA can use for a trade. This setting contributes to risk management by defining an upper limit for position sizes.

4. Risk: A critical parameter that dictates the level of risk associated with each trade. Users can customize risk settings to align with their risk tolerance and overall risk management strategy.

5. Profit, Stop Loss, and Take Profit: Essential parameters that define the target profit level, maximum allowable loss, and the price at which a trade should be automatically closed to secure profits.

6. Trailing Stop: Introduces a dynamic stop-loss mechanism that automatically adjusts to lock in profits as the trade moves favorably. This feature contributes to risk mitigation and profit protection.

7. Step and Step Type: Parameters that influence the trailing stop mechanism. Users can define the step size and type to fine-tune the trailing stop’s behavior according to their preferences.

8. Slippage: Accounts for potential slippage in trade execution. Traders can set a slippage threshold to control the acceptable deviation from the desired entry or exit price.

9. Avoid News: An intriguing feature that allows the EA to steer clear of trading during high-impact news events. This helps users avoid potential market volatility and unexpected price movements.

10. Offset, Prop Period, Channel Period, Channel Deviation, Signal Method: Parameters specific to the EA’s strategy, providing users with a deeper level of customization to fine-tune the algorithm’s approach to identifying trend reversal signals.

Pros and Cons


1. Trend Reversal Expertise: Prop Firm EA V2 excels in identifying trend reversal signals, leveraging a combination of market tops, bottoms, and a discerning news filter. This strategy positions the EA as a specialized tool for traders seeking opportunities in changing market dynamics.

2. Minimal Drawdown Commitment: The promise of minimal drawdowns underscores the EA’s dedication to risk management. By prioritizing drawdown reduction, Prop Firm EA V2 aims to contribute to a more stable trading experience.

3. Customization Flexibility: Users benefit from a plethora of customizable parameters, allowing them to tailor the EA’s behavior to align with individual trading preferences, risk tolerance, and overall strategy.

4. Currency Pair Diversity: Prop Firm EA V2 expands its reach across 14 currency pairs, offering users a diverse array of trading options. This broad coverage caters to traders with varied currency preferences and market interests.

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5. Temporal Versatility: The EA’s compatibility with all time frames enhances its versatility, accommodating traders with different time-based strategies. Whether users focus on short-term intraday trading or long-term trend analysis, Prop Firm EA V2 adapts to diverse temporal requirements.

6. Demo Account Integration: The inclusion of demo account compatibility serves as a valuable learning tool for users. By providing a risk-free environment for testing and experimentation, the EA encourages responsible and informed trading practices.

7. Real Account Application: Beyond the confines of simulation, Prop Firm EA V2 extends its functionality to real accounts. This transition allows users to witness the EA’s performance in live market conditions, offering a practical perspective for decision-making.

8. MetaTrader 4 Integration: Operating on the widely acclaimed MetaTrader 4 platform, Prop Firm EA V2 ensures familiarity for users already acquainted with MT4. The user-friendly interface of MT4 serves as a robust command center for interacting with the EA.


1. No Guarantee of Results: As with any trading tool, Prop Firm EA V2 does not make specific guarantees regarding financial outcomes. Traders are reminded of the inherent uncertainties in trading and are advised to approach it with a realistic and informed mindset.

2. News Filter Dependency: While the ‘Avoid News’ feature is designed to help traders sidestep market volatility during high-impact news events, there’s a level of dependency on the efficacy of this filter. Unforeseen circumstances or changes in market behavior may still pose challenges.

3. GUI Sophistication: The user interface (GUI) of Prop Firm EA V2 might not match the sophistication offered by other trading platforms with more advanced features. Traders seeking highly intricate tools for technical analysis might find the platform’s depth comparatively limited.

4. Internet Dependency: Users need a consistent internet connection to access Prop Firm EA V2’s GUI. While this is a standard requirement for most trading tools, it introduces a level of dependency on internet availability and reliability.


In conclusion, Prop Firm EA V2 stands as a compelling option for traders seeking an automated solution with a focus on identifying trend reversal signals. Its specialized approach, combining tops, bottoms, and a news filter, adds a layer of sophistication to its strategy. The commitment to minimal drawdowns, customization flexibility, and compatibility with diverse currency pairs and time frames contribute to its appeal.

While the EA does not guarantee specific results, its integration with both demo and real accounts reflects a commitment to user education and responsible trading practices. Prop Firm EA V2’s presence on the MetaTrader 4 platform ensures familiarity for users, although those seeking a more feature-rich GUI might explore other options.

As with any trading tool, users are encouraged to conduct thorough testing, leverage demo accounts, and approach trading with a realistic mindset. Prop Firm EA V2 offers a nuanced and specialized toolset for traders navigating the dynamic landscape of forex markets, and its success in individual portfolios will depend on factors such as strategy alignment, risk management, and market conditions.

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