Reindeer Scalper Pro Review

Reindeer Scalper Pro showcases a blend of sophisticated strategies and customizable features, catering to both experienced and discerning traders. Its emphasis on risk management and adaptability makes it a contender in the realm of automated trading.
Reindeer Scalper Pro Review

Reindeer Scalper Pro Summary

Reindeer Scalper Pro is an automated trading system designed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. It focuses on trading popular currency pairs such as EURUSD and GBPUSD, along with the commodity asset XAUUSD (Gold). This review delves into the strategies, features, and settings that define the Reindeer Scalper Pro.

Reindeer Scalper Pro

Strategy Overview

Reindeer Scalper Pro employs a dual strategy, blending trend-following and counter-trend approaches to navigate diverse market conditions.

1. Trend-Following Strategy

The robot identifies and capitalizes on long-term market trends by analyzing price movements and recognizing key support and resistance levels. Trades are executed in alignment with the established trend direction.

2. Counter-Trend Strategy

In addition to trend-following, Reindeer Scalper Pro integrates a counter-trend strategy. This approach aims to exploit short-term market fluctuations, identifying overbought and oversold conditions and placing trades opposite to the current trend.


1. Minimum Account Balance

Reindeer Scalper Pro maintains a user-friendly approach with a minimum account balance requirement of $100. This feature enhances accessibility, enabling a diverse range of traders to engage with the automated system without significant capital constraints. The lower entry barrier allows both novice and experienced traders to explore the robot’s capabilities and potentially integrate it into their trading portfolios.

2. Compatible Currency Pairs

The robot exhibits versatility in its trading capabilities by being optimized for major currency pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, and the commodity asset XAUUSD (Gold). However, the flexibility extends beyond these recommendations, as traders have the freedom to deploy Reindeer Scalper Pro on any currency pair of their choice. This adaptability accommodates different market preferences and strategies, empowering users to diversify their trading portfolios.

3. Timeframe Optimization

Reindeer Scalper Pro strategically focuses on the H1 (1-hour) timeframe for trade execution. The choice of this specific timeframe is designed to enhance the precision and timeliness of trades. By concentrating on a defined timeframe, the robot aims to capitalize on market opportunities efficiently, aligning with its overall trading strategy. Traders who appreciate a more detailed and timely trading approach may find the H1 optimization advantageous.

Settings Overview

To tailor the robot to specific preferences, traders can adjust various settings within Reindeer Scalper Pro.

1. Lot and Autolot

Traders have the flexibility to determine their preferred lot sizing strategy within Reindeer Scalper Pro. The option to set a fixed lot amount provides a straightforward approach for those who prefer consistency in their position sizes. Alternatively, enabling autolot empowers the robot to dynamically calculate lot sizes based on the specified risk parameters. This dynamic lot sizing contributes to an adaptive and risk-conscious trading system.

2. Risk Management

A robust risk management system is integral to Reindeer Scalper Pro’s operation. The risk parameter, intricately linked with autolot calculations, ensures a prudent approach to capital preservation. By allowing traders to define their risk tolerance, the robot adjusts position sizes accordingly. This risk-conscious feature aims to safeguard traders from significant losses and contributes to the overall stability of the trading strategy.

3. Trading Hours

The customization options extend to trading hours, providing traders with the ability to align Reindeer Scalper Pro’s activity with their preferred market sessions. This flexibility is particularly valuable for traders who have specific timeframes during which they are more active or when market conditions align with their strategy. Tailoring the robot’s trading hours enhances its adaptability to individual schedules.

4. Technical Indicators

Reindeer Scalper Pro incorporates technical indicators such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Average True Range (ATR). Traders can fine-tune these indicators by adjusting parameters like RSI period, upper and lower levels, and ATR periods. The integration of these indicators enhances the robot’s analytical capabilities, allowing it to make informed decisions based on market conditions and price movements.

5. Recovery Mode and Trailing Stop

For traders with a higher risk tolerance, Reindeer Scalper Pro offers a recovery mode. Enabling this feature results in a more aggressive attempt to recover losses. While this can be a powerful tool, it comes with increased risk, and traders should approach it with caution. The trailing stop features further contribute to risk management, allowing traders to customize conditions for trailing stops, step size, and activation criteria.

6. Visual Customization

Reindeer Scalper Pro acknowledges the importance of a user-friendly interface by providing visual customization options. Traders can personalize the chart colors, creating a more visually appealing and intuitive trading environment. Additionally, the option to display a trading panel enhances the user experience, providing quick access to relevant information and controls.

7. Error Messages

Transparency is a key feature of Reindeer Scalper Pro, and the display of error messages adds an extra layer of clarity. In the event of any issues or errors in the EA’s operation, the robot can be configured to show error messages. This feature ensures that traders are promptly informed of any potential issues, allowing for timely intervention and troubleshooting.

Pros and Cons


1. Diverse Strategy Fusion: Reindeer Scalper Pro’s amalgamation of trend-following and counter-trend strategies, complemented by a dual approach, enhances its adaptability across various market conditions. This versatility allows traders to navigate both long-term trends and short-term fluctuations, potentially increasing the range of profitable opportunities.

2. Versatile Currency Pair Support: The compatibility with multiple currency pairs, including major ones like EURUSD and GBPUSD, as well as a commodity (XAUUSD or Gold), expands trading opportunities. Traders can diversify their portfolios and explore different markets without being limited to specific currency pairs, potentially optimizing their overall trading strategy.

3. Precise Timeframe Optimization: Reindeer Scalper Pro’s focus on the H1 timeframe is a strategic choice that allows for more accurate and well-timed trade executions. This specific timeframe may align with certain traders’ preferences, providing them with a dedicated and efficient trading approach that suits their trading styles and objectives.

4. Comprehensive Risk Management: The incorporation of Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, along with customizable risk parameters such as lot size and autolot calculations, demonstrates a commitment to prudent risk management. This feature is crucial for protecting capital and minimizing potential losses, contributing to a more controlled and disciplined trading strategy.


1. Learning Curve for Customization: The extensive range of settings available in Reindeer Scalper Pro may pose a learning curve for less experienced traders. Understanding the implications and interactions of various parameters is essential for optimal utilization. Novice traders are advised to invest time in learning about each setting to avoid potential misconfigurations that could impact the robot’s performance.

2. Market Condition Dependency: The effectiveness of Reindeer Scalper Pro may be influenced by specific market conditions. Traders should be mindful that performance variations may occur in different market scenarios, requiring a nuanced understanding of when the robot is most likely to excel and when it might face challenges.

3. Consideration for Recovery Mode: The inclusion of a recovery mode, while providing an aggressive approach to recovering losses, involves a higher level of risk. Traders should approach this feature with caution, as aggressive recovery strategies can lead to amplified losses if not managed carefully. The use of recovery mode requires a thorough understanding of its implications and potential consequences.


Reindeer Scalper Pro showcases a blend of sophisticated strategies and customizable features, catering to both experienced and discerning traders. Its emphasis on risk management and adaptability makes it a contender in the realm of automated trading. Traders considering Reindeer Scalper Pro should conduct thorough research, understand its parameters, and consider its suitability for their individual trading preferences.

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