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Tik Capital Bot Review

Tik Capital Bot offers a sophisticated automated trading solution with its high-frequency trading, scalping, and multi-position management strategies. Traders should carefully consider its reliance on technical analysis and lack of fundamental analysis.
Tik Capital Bot Review

Tik Capital Bot Summary

Tik Capital Bot is an automated forex trading system designed for use on the MetaTrader 4 platform. This review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the robot’s strategy, features, pros and cons, and settings.

Tik Capital Bot


The Tik Capital Bot employs intelligent algorithms for high-frequency trading, scalping, and multi-position management. It scans multiple timeframes simultaneously to identify market conditions for both bull and bear momentum. 

The system relies on technical analysis, executing trades promptly based on price movements. It sets automatic take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop loss levels for risk management and uses a news filter to avoid trading during major news releases.


1. Quick Response to Market Conditions: The use of intelligent algorithms enables Tik Capital Bot to promptly respond to the rise and fall of various financial markets.

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2. Automatic Risk Management: The system incorporates automatic take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop loss levels, minimizing potential losses and enhancing risk management.

3. Diversification: Tik Capital Bot engages in multi-position management, opening trades across various financial instruments simultaneously, thereby diversifying risk.


1. Lack of Fundamental Analysis: The system relies solely on technical analysis, potentially leading to missed opportunities or losses during major news releases or shifts in market sentiment.


1. High-Frequency Trading and Scalping

  • Tailored Precision

Tik Capital Bot positions itself as a specialized tool for traders inclined towards high-frequency trading and scalping strategies. High-frequency trading involves executing a large number of orders at extremely high speeds, exploiting minimal price differentials. Simultaneously, scalping, characterized by rapid opening and closing of trades, seeks to capitalize on transient market movements.

  • Micro-Movements Exploitation

By engaging in high-frequency trading and scalping, Tik Capital Bot aims to seize the minutest price shifts, a strategy requiring swiftness and accuracy in execution. This approach aligns with the bot’s overarching goal of maximizing profit within short timeframes.

2. Intelligent Algorithms

  • Adaptive Decision-Making

At the core of Tik Capital Bot’s functionality lies the utilization of intelligent algorithms. These algorithms are designed to analyze market data dynamically and make informed decisions regarding entry and exit points. The adaptability of these algorithms allows the system to respond promptly to shifting market conditions, providing a crucial edge in the fast-paced world of forex trading.

  • Continuous Market Assessment

By employing intelligent algorithms, Tik Capital Bot continuously assesses market trends, identifying potential opportunities and risks. This constant evaluation contributes to the system’s ability to align its trading strategy with the prevailing market sentiment.

3. Variety of Financial Instruments

  • Diversification Potential

Tik Capital Bot goes beyond the confines of a singular asset class, offering traders the ability to navigate an array of financial instruments. This diverse range includes traditional assets like forex currencies and commodities, as well as newer entrants such as cryptocurrencies and synthetic markets like Volatility indices.

  • Versatile Market Exposure

The inclusion of various financial instruments broadens the bot’s scope, allowing users to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on opportunities across different markets. This versatility is particularly advantageous in navigating evolving market conditions.

4. News Filter

  • Volatility Mitigation

Recognizing the impact of major news releases on market volatility, Tik Capital Bot incorporates a news filter. This feature acts as a preventative measure, temporarily halting trading activities during periods of heightened volatility associated with significant news events.

  • Risk Aversion during News Releases

The implementation of a news filter underscores a risk-averse approach, as sudden and unpredictable market movements during news releases can expose trades to increased risk. By avoiding such periods, Tik Capital Bot aims to enhance overall risk management.

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5. Automatic Risk Management

  • Loss Limitation Mechanism

Tik Capital Bot prioritizes risk management through the integration of automatic stop loss and trailing stop loss levels. These features serve as safeguards, limiting potential losses by automatically closing or adjusting trades based on predefined parameters.

  • Dynamic Adaptation to Market Dynamics

By incorporating automatic risk management tools, the bot can dynamically respond to adverse market movements. Traders can define risk parameters, and the system will adhere to these guidelines, contributing to a more controlled and disciplined trading approach.

Pros and Cons


1. Comprehensive Strategy Coverage: The bot encompasses high-frequency trading, scalping, and multi-position management, catering to diverse trading styles and preferences.

2. Automatic Risk Management: Through automatic stop loss and trailing stop features, the bot prioritizes risk management, safeguarding capital against adverse market movements.

3. Versatile Asset Selection: With the ability to trade across various financial instruments, the bot offers ample opportunities for diversification and profit generation.

4. Responsive Market Adaptation: Equipped with intelligent algorithms, the bot swiftly adapts to changing market conditions, ensuring agility in its trading approach.


1. Exclusive Reliance on Technical Analysis: By solely depending on technical indicators, the bot may overlook critical fundamental factors and market sentiment shifts, potentially leading to missed opportunities or losses.

2. Complexity of Configuration: Given the multitude of settings and parameters, configuring the bot to align with individual trading preferences may prove daunting for novice users.

3. Inherent Market Risk: Despite risk management features, trading inherently carries the risk of financial loss, and users must exercise caution and conduct thorough testing before deploying the bot in live trading environments.

Settings Overview

1. Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) Levels

  • SL Points: The stop-loss level for each trade in points.
  • TP Points: The take-profit level for each trade in points.

2. Trailing Stop Settings

  • Trail Points: The number of points the trailing stop follows the price.
  • Trail Step: The distance between each trailing stop level in points.
  • Trail Above: The level at which the trailing stop begins to follow the price.

3. Trade and Lot Management

  • MagicNumber: The unique identifier for each trade opened by the EA.
  • TradeSize: The lot size used for each trade.
  • MaxSlippage: The maximum amount of slippage allowed for each trade.
  • MaxOpenTrades: The maximum number of trades that can be open simultaneously.
  • MaxLongTrades: The maximum number of long trades that can be open simultaneously.
  • MaxShortTrades: The maximum number of short trades that can be open simultaneously.


In conclusion, Tik Capital Bot offers a sophisticated automated trading solution with its high-frequency trading, scalping, and multi-position management strategies. Traders should carefully consider its reliance on technical analysis and lack of fundamental analysis. Testing the EA on a demo account before live trading is recommended to understand its performance and suitability for individual trading styles.

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