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Trillion Dollar Pips EA Review

Trillion Dollar Pips EA presents itself as a tool tailored for those seeking to catch good moves in a volatile market. Its strategy, centered around a combination of indicators and rapid execution, appeals to traders who appreciate dynamic trading opportunities.
Trillion Dollar Pips EA Review

Trillion Dollar Pips EA Summary

In the vast landscape of forex trading, automated tools like expert advisors (EAs) play a pivotal role in executing strategies with precision and efficiency. Trillion Dollar Pips EA stands out as one such tool, designed specifically for the MetaTrader 4 platform, targeting the EURUSD currency pair. In this extensive review, we will delve into the intricacies of Trillion Dollar Pips, exploring its strategy, features, settings, and evaluating its pros and cons.

Trillion Dollar Pips EA Strategy

At the core of Trillion Dollar Pips’ strategy is the identification of trading opportunities during periods of heightened market volatility. This EA employs a combination of five standard indicators, including Bollinger Bands, Williams’ Percent Range (WPR), and three Force Indexes with varying periods. The approach involves generating a signal when the price reaches the border of a Bollinger Band, further confirmed by the WPR indicator and the three Force Indexes. Operational on the M1 timeframe, Trillion Dollar Pips utilizes pending orders with a target of 2-4 points. Noteworthy is its ability to swiftly open and close multiple positions within seconds, making it appealing to traders seeking rapid execution in the dynamic forex market.

Features of Trillion Dollar Pips EA

Utilization of Standard Indicators: Trillion Dollar Pips distinguishes itself by relying on a combination of Bollinger Bands, Williams’ Percent Range, and Force Indexes to identify potential trade setups. This multifaceted approach aims to enhance the robustness of its trading strategy.

Currency Pair and Timeframe Specific: Tailored for the EURUSD currency pair and operating on the M1 timeframe, Trillion Dollar Pips is designed with specificity in mind. This focused approach allows for a more targeted application of its trading strategy.

Rapid Execution Capability: With the capacity to open and close multiple positions within seconds, Trillion Dollar Pips positions itself as an EA suited for traders who appreciate swift and dynamic trading opportunities.

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Compatibility with MetaTrader 4: As a MetaTrader 4-based EA, Trillion Dollar Pips aligns with the preferences of a significant portion of the trading community. The familiarity and widespread use of MT4 make it a convenient choice for many traders.

Settings of Trillion Dollar Pips EA

Lot Size Calculation: Trillion Dollar Pips incorporates an automatic lot calculation based on the balance, allowing for dynamic adjustments in position size relative to the trader’s capital.

Take Profit and Stop Loss: The EA provides flexibility with adjustable take profit and stop loss levels, empowering traders to customize their risk-reward ratios according to their preferences.

Order Comments and Magic Number: Traders can add comments to trades for better organization and identification, while the inclusion of a unique magic number serves as an identifier for individual trades.

Opposite Orders and Max Spread: The ability to open trades in the opposite direction can be a strategic feature, and the setting for the maximum allowed spread adds an element of risk management.

Break Even and Fixed Lot Size: Trillion Dollar Pips includes break-even functionality, allowing traders to move stop loss to breakeven under certain conditions. Additionally, there’s an option to use a fixed lot size instead of automatic calculation.

Max Number of Trades and Trading Times: This EA provides control over the maximum number of open trades, offering a risk management feature. It also allows traders to set specific times for the start and end of trading sessions.

Pros & Cons of Trillion Dollar Pips EA


Holistic Indicator Approach: The utilization of multiple indicators adds a layer of confirmation to trade setups, potentially enhancing the reliability of the EA’s strategy.

Short-Term Focus: Trillion Dollar Pips is geared towards short-term price movements, catering to traders with a preference for rapid execution.

MetaTrader 4 Compatibility: Being designed for the widely-used MetaTrader 4 platform ensures accessibility and ease of integration for a broad spectrum of traders.


Optimal Trading Conditions Required: For Trillion Dollar Pips to perform optimally, it necessitates fast execution, a stable internet connection, and low slippage and spreads, which may not always be achievable.

Limited Currency Pair and Timeframe: The EA’s focus on the EURUSD currency pair and the M1 timeframe may limit its effectiveness in diverse market conditions and with traders seeking alternative setups.

Choppy Market Performance: While effective in high volatility, Trillion Dollar Pips may face challenges in choppy or ranging market conditions, potentially limiting its adaptability.

Effectiveness Variation: The EA’s effectiveness may vary depending on broker compatibility and market conditions, emphasizing the importance of thorough testing and adaptation.


In the complex realm of forex trading, Trillion Dollar Pips EA presents itself as a tool tailored for those seeking to catch good moves in a volatile market. Its strategy, centered around a combination of indicators and rapid execution, appeals to traders who appreciate dynamic trading opportunities. However, potential users should be mindful of the optimal conditions required for its performance and its specific focus on the EURUSD currency pair and the M1 timeframe. As with any trading tool, Trillion Dollar Pips should be approached with careful consideration, and traders are advised to conduct thorough testing in diverse market conditions. The customization options provided in its settings empower traders to align the EA with their risk preferences and trading goals. While the EA has gained a reputation, past performance should not be taken as a guarantee of future results, and prudent risk management remains crucial. In conclusion, Trillion Dollar Pips EA offers a specialized approach to forex trading, and its integration into a trading strategy should be guided by a nuanced understanding of its features, limitations, and compatibility with individual preferences.

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