Forex inControl Review

Forex inControl EA positions itself as a nuanced approach to automated trading, emphasizing drawdown control and portfolio diversification. Its flexibility in offering multiple trading modes and compatibility with various currency pairs caters to a broad audience.
Forex inControl Review

Forex inControl Summary

As the realm of forex trading continues to evolve, the demand for automated solutions that navigate the intricacies of the market has surged. Forex inControl EA emerges as one such automated trading system, pledging to control drawdown on trading accounts by strategically entering established trends across multiple currency pairs. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the intricate details of Forex inControl, examining its trading strategy, features, back-testing results, live performance, and considerations for potential users.

Forex inControl Trading Strategy: The Art of Drawdown Control

The core objective of Forex inControl EA is clear from its name – controlling drawdown on trading accounts. This strategy centers around strategically entering established trends across four distinct currency pairs: GBPJPY, USDJPY, AUDUSD, and EURGBP. The rationale behind diversifying across these pairs is to spread risk and minimize the impact of adverse market movements on the overall trading portfolio.

Within the EA settings, traders can specify their maximum acceptable drawdown, introducing a personalized risk management approach. The selection of currency pairs reflects a delicate balance between liquidity and favorable trading conditions, with a keen eye on low spreads and ample trading volume.

Multiple Trading Modes: Tailoring to Individual Preferences

Forex inControl extends flexibility to users by offering three distinct trading modes based on risk tolerance and trading style: conservative, normal, and aggressive. This adaptability allows traders to align the EA’s behavior with their individual preferences, although it requires some adjustment of settings to find the optimal configuration. Recognizing that each trader approaches the market differently, the availability of diverse trading modes caters to a broad audience.

The EA’s versatility is further evident in its ability to function both as a single system on an account and in conjunction with other EAs. Rather than incessantly opening orders, Forex inControl patiently waits for opportune moments based on its built-in algorithm. While this flexibility allows users to trade with multiple EAs simultaneously, caution is advised due to the potential for large drawdowns.

External Availability of Settings: Empowering User Customization

One commendable feature of Forex inControl is its provision for external adjustments to settings, offering a user-friendly experience for customization. Traders can fine-tune the system according to their preferences through the inputs window on the trading platform. To identify an optimal combination of settings aligned with individual trading goals, users are encouraged to leverage the MT4 strategy tester for backtesting across various currency pairs and timeframes.

While the EA comes with recommended currency pairs, it allows users the freedom to experiment with other financial instruments. However, prudent practice dictates conducting experiments on a demo account initially to gauge performance under different conditions.

Forex inControl Back Testing: Evaluating Historical Performance

The Forex inControl website showcases back tests spanning an impressive 14 years, offering a glimpse into the system’s historical performance. However, a notable caveat is the modeling quality of these back tests, marked at 90%. This figure raises concerns about the accuracy of the results, as a more precise evaluation would ideally consider real tick data, variable spreads, and incorporate factors such as commission, swaps, and slippage.

The absence of tick data in the back tests introduces a limitation, as these factors significantly influence the outcome. Given the extensive history of Forex inControl, there is a reasonable expectation for more refined and updated back tests, aligning with industry standards and offering a more accurate representation of the system’s capabilities.

Forex inControl Live Results: Real-Time Performance Insights

A commendable aspect of Forex inControl is the provision of a verified Myfxbook account, showcasing the system’s live results. The displayed performance appears decent, offering potential users insights into the EA’s capabilities under prevailing market conditions.

While the current performance looks promising, traders are advised to remain vigilant regarding potential drawdowns, especially if consecutive trades head in an unfavorable direction. Regular monitoring of live results is essential for a comprehensive understanding of the system’s adaptability to evolving market dynamics.

Pros and Cons of Forex inControl


  1. Drawdown Control: Forex inControl’s primary focus on controlling drawdown offers a risk management advantage for users.
  2. Diversification: Trading across multiple currency pairs adds diversity to the portfolio, spreading risk.
  3. Flexible Trading Modes: The availability of conservative, normal, and aggressive modes caters to diverse trading preferences.
  4. External Settings: User-friendly customization through externally available settings enhances flexibility.
  5. Live Results: Sharing a verified Myfxbook account provides transparency and real-time performance data.


  1. Back Testing Modeling Quality: The 90% modeling quality in back tests raises concerns about result accuracy.
  2. Limited Information on Strategy: While the website provides a brief overview, more detailed information on the strategy would be beneficial.
  3. Potential for Large Drawdowns: Trading with multiple EAs simultaneously may lead to substantial drawdowns, requiring caution.


Forex inControl EA positions itself as a nuanced approach to automated trading, emphasizing drawdown control and portfolio diversification. Its flexibility in offering multiple trading modes and compatibility with various currency pairs caters to a broad audience. However, potential users should approach this EA with a discerning eye, considering the limitations in backtesting and the caution required when using multiple EAs simultaneously.

In conclusion, Forex inControl EA showcases potential within the automated trading landscape. Its unique features, combined with a focus on risk management and diversification, position it as a contender for traders seeking a systematic and adaptable solution.

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