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Idea Pro Gold EA Review

The Idea Pro Gold EA stands as a potential solution for traders looking to automate their forex trading experience. With a user-friendly interface, versatile strategies, and customizable settings, it caters to a broad audience.
Idea Pro Gold EA Review

Idea Pro Gold EA Summary

In the realm of forex trading, automation has become a key component for traders seeking efficiency and convenience. The Idea Pro Gold EA positions itself as a user-friendly solution, designed to simplify the trading process. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the various aspects of Idea Pro Gold EA, from its strategies and features to its settings and potential pros and cons.

Strategy Overview of Idea Pro Gold EA

The Idea Pro Gold EA takes a user-friendly approach, allowing traders to easily attach it with default settings on specific currency pairs, including eurusd, gbpusd, nzdusd, and audusd on the m5 timeframe. According to the author, traders can optimize results by managing trade direction through the EA panel on the chart, specifically by using the “trade buy” (green color) or “trade sell” (red color) options. The EA employs averaging in four strategies based on stochastics, RSI, MA, and maintaining orders opened by the user.

Averaging with Idea Pro Gold EA

Averaging, also known as averaging down or scaling in, is a trading strategy that involves buying more of a particular currency pair as the price goes down. The goal is to reduce the average cost of the trade. However, this strategy can be risky, assuming that the price will eventually rebound. It is crucial to exercise caution, especially during market volatility, and have a solid risk management plan in place.

Idea Pro Gold EA Settings

Understanding the settings of the Idea Pro Gold EA is essential for users to tailor its functionality to their preferences. Here are the key parameters explained:

  1. Choosing Strategy:
    • Allows users to select a trading strategy from the available options.
  2. Open New Series:
    • Toggles the beginning of a new series of orders on or off.
  3. Start Lots:
    • Sets the initial lot size for the trades.
  4. Trade Buy & Trade Sell:
    • Determines whether the EA is allowed to buy or sell based on user preferences.
  5. Use Hedge:
    • Allows the EA to trade in both directions (buy and sell) or only one direction if turned off.
  6. Use Money Management:
    • Toggles the use of automatic lot calculation based on available margin.
  7. Free Margin for Each 0.01 Lot:
    • Sets the amount of free margin required for opening every 0.01 lots.
  8. Lot Multiplier:
    • Multiplier for the following orders in the series.
  9. TP & SL:
    • Take profit and stop loss, in pips.
  10. Trail Start & Trail Step:
    • Activates and sets the parameters for a trailing stop.
  11. DD Reduction Algorithm:
    • Configures the drawdown reduction algorithm to manage losses.
  12. Magic:
    • Assign a unique number to the EA’s orders.
  13. Fix Distance & Order Dynamic Distance:
    • Determines fixed and dynamic distances between orders.
  14. Dynamic Distance Start & Distance Multiplier:
    • Sets parameters for dynamic distance.
  15. Start, End Hour:
    • Specifies the time for opening the first order.
  16. Maximum Lot & Maximum Spread:
    • Sets maximum lot size and maximum spread to manage risk.
  17. Indicator Parameters:
    • Configures parameters for Stochastic, RSI, and MA strategies.

Strategy-Specific Indicators

The EA incorporates three key indicators, each with its own strategy:

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  1. Stochastic Strategy:
    • Sells above Up_Level_Stoch and buys below Down_Level_Stoch.
  2. RSI Strategy:
    • Sells if RSI is higher than Up_Level_RSI and buys if RSI is lower than Down_Level_RSI.
  3. MA Strategy:
    • Buys when the bar opens above the MA and sells when it opens below.

Pros and Cons of Idea Pro Gold EA


  1. User-Friendly Interface:
    • The EA is designed for easy attachment with default settings, catering to both novice and experienced traders.
  2. Versatile Strategies:
    • Incorporates four strategies based on stochastics, RSI, MA, and user-maintained orders, offering flexibility.
  3. Averaging Feature:
    • The strategic use of averaging can potentially optimize trades, although caution is advised.
  4. Customizable Settings:
    • Users have control over various parameters, allowing customization to suit individual trading preferences.


  1. Averaging Risks:
    • Averaging down can lead to larger losses if market conditions do not favor a rebound.
  2. Strategy Complexity:
    • The use of multiple strategies may be complex for novice traders, requiring a thorough understanding.


The Idea Pro Gold EA stands as a potential solution for traders looking to automate their forex trading experience. With a user-friendly interface, versatile strategies, and customizable settings, it caters to a broad audience. However, users must exercise caution, particularly with the use of averaging, and be aware of the associated risks.

Understanding the parameters and strategies employed by Idea Pro Gold EA is crucial for effective utilization. Traders are encouraged to engage in thorough demo testing before deploying the EA in live trading scenarios. As with any trading tool, a thoughtful and informed approach, coupled with robust risk management practices, is essential for maximizing the potential benefits of Idea Pro Gold EA in the ever-evolving landscape of the forex market. Remember, this review is not an endorsement or financial advice but aims to provide valuable insights for traders considering the Idea Pro Gold EA in their automated trading journey.

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