The Prime Scalping EA Review

The Prime Scalping EA carves its niche with a strategy centered around real-time price action analysis and scalping dynamics. The use of special indicators and risk management measures adds depth to its approach. 
The Prime Scalping EA Review

The Prime Scalping EA Summary

In the ever-evolving landscape of forex trading, automated systems have become pivotal for traders seeking efficiency and precision. The Prime Scalping EA, a specialized Expert Advisor (EA) designed for the MT4 trading platform, positions itself as a tool harnessing the power of special price action indicators. This review delves into the nuances of The Prime Scalping EA, exploring its strategy, features, pros and cons, and other essential aspects.

The Prime Scalping EA

Strategy Unveiled

1. Price Action Prowess

The cornerstone of The Prime Scalping EA’s strategy lies in its adept utilization of special price action indicators. Unlike lagging indicators, this EA relies on real-time analysis of price movements. The core strategy revolves around balancing the price of a given currency pair by interpreting intricate price fluctuations.

2. Indicator Ensemble

To accomplish its objectives, the EA incorporates the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Awesome Oscillator indicators. These indicators, when harmoniously integrated, contribute to achieving a balanced price, guiding the EA in identifying potential trading opportunities.

3. Scalping Dynamics

Primarily adopting a scalping trading style, The Prime Scalping EA thrives on the quick and nimble analysis of price movements. It aims to spot opportunities such as price breakouts or trend reversals in the fleeting moments of market activity.

4. Risk Management Imperative

While the special price action indicators provide a potential edge, the strategy underscores the paramount importance of risk management. Each trade is safeguarded by a small stop loss, emphasizing the EA’s commitment to limiting potential losses.

Features: Unraveling the Toolbox

1. MT4 Compatibility: The Prime Scalping EA is specifically designed for compatibility with the MT4 trading platform. This tailored compatibility ensures that users can seamlessly integrate the EA into the widely used MT4 environment. Traders benefit from a familiar interface, comprehensive charting tools, and a range of features offered by MT4, enhancing user experience and convenience.

2. Lot Flexibility: A notable feature of the Prime Scalping EA is the flexibility it offers in terms of lot size. Users can choose between compound interest or fixed lots, providing adaptability to different risk preferences and trading styles. This flexibility empowers traders to customize their approach based on individual risk tolerance, account size, and overall trading strategy.

3. Stop Orders for Spread Protection: In a departure from conventional market orders, the Prime Scalping EA utilizes pending orders, specifically stop orders, to enhance spread protection. This approach showcases a nuanced execution strategy, aiming to minimize the impact of spreads on trades. By strategically placing stop orders, the EA seeks to optimize entry points and mitigate the potential adverse effects of market volatility.

4. Exclusion of Grid or Martingale Techniques: The Prime Scalping EA distinguishes itself by abstaining from the use of grid or martingale strategies. Instead, it opts for a more straightforward and focused trading approach. 

Grid and martingale techniques involve complex position sizing and averaging down, which may lead to higher risk and drawdowns. The exclusion of these strategies aligns with a preference for a simpler and potentially more risk-averse trading methodology.

5. Incorporation of RSI and Awesome Oscillator: The Prime Scalping EA integrates technical analysis by incorporating two prominent indicators: the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the 6 Awesome Oscillator. The use of these indicators highlights the EA’s commitment to achieving a balanced pricing mechanism. 

RSI helps identify overbought or oversold conditions, while the Awesome Oscillator contributes to assessing market momentum. These indicators collectively aid in making more informed trading decisions, adding a layer of analysis to the EA’s strategy.

Account Requirements: Setting the Stage

1. Financial Prerequisites

To engage with The Prime Scalping EA, a minimum account balance of $1000 is stipulated. This requirement reflects the EA’s strategy, catering to a level of capital deemed suitable for its operations.

2. Leverage and Broker Recommendations

The EA suggests a minimum leverage of 1:500 or more, highlighting the potential benefits of higher leverage for optimal performance. ECN brokers are recommended, aligning with the nature of the EA’s trading strategy.

3. VPS Integration

For optimal performance, the use of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is advocated. This recommendation emphasizes the importance of swift execution and uninterrupted connectivity in the dynamic forex environment.

Settings and Inputs: The Configurable Parameters

1. Volume Configuration

  • Fixed Lots Size: 0.0
  • Lots Size Per $1000: 0.3
  • Minimal Lots Size: 0.01
  • Maximal Lots Size: 80

2. Protection Measures

  • Maximal Spread to Entry: 1.2 pips

3. Confirmation Indicators

  • Awesome Oscillator
  • RSI Period (Fixed): 16
  • Stoploss: 3.0 pips

4. Additional Configurations

  • Magic Number: 201908
  • Comment: The Prime Scalping v3.00

5. Recommendations for Strategy Tester

  • Maximal Spread to Entry: Higher than your set spread

Pros and Cons


1. Real-Time Price Action Analysis: The EA’s reliance on special price action indicators facilitates real-time analysis, providing a potential advantage in swiftly changing market conditions. This real-time assessment allows the Prime Scalping EA to react promptly to emerging trends and capitalize on dynamic market movements.

2. Focused Scalping Strategy: The adoption of a scalping trading style is a notable strength, enabling the EA to seize opportunities within short-term market movements. Scalping aligns with traders seeking quick and precise executions, potentially exploiting smaller price fluctuations to accumulate profits over numerous trades.

3. Risk Management Emphasis: The inclusion of small stop losses in each trade underscores a commitment to risk management. In the unpredictable and volatile forex landscape, this emphasis on limiting potential losses is a crucial aspect. Effective risk management safeguards capital and contributes to the overall resilience of the trading strategy.


1. Limited Strategy Diversity: A significant drawback lies in the EA’s primary focus on a scalping strategy. While effective in specific market conditions, this strategy may limit adaptability to different market scenarios or traders with diverse preferences. Traders seeking a more diversified or long-term approach may find the Prime Scalping EA less suitable for their specific needs.

2. Dependency on Technical Analysis: The exclusive reliance on technical analysis, without the inclusion of fundamental analysis, poses a potential limitation. Depending solely on technical indicators might result in missed opportunities during significant market events or shifts in sentiment. Incorporating fundamental analysis could enhance the EA’s ability to navigate a broader range of market conditions.


In the realm of forex EAs, The Prime Scalping EA carves its niche with a strategy centered around real-time price action analysis and scalping dynamics. The use of special indicators and risk management measures adds depth to its approach. 

Traders considering this EA should carefully evaluate its compatibility with their trading style, risk tolerance, and market expectations. While it presents a focused and potentially advantageous strategy, comprehensive testing and understanding of its nuances are imperative for informed deployment.

It is crucial to acknowledge that past performance or historical data does not guarantee future results. The intricate nature of forex markets involves inherent risks, and users should exercise diligence and caution when employing any automated trading system.

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